lead by example not by force

Opposition of the status quo and questioning authority along the way.

President Obama has two domestic social issues to deal with immediatly.

Obama may need to change his Title to Prime Minister if this carries on any longer. The Empire of America sounds tough and macho, but in reality the majority of the people will be enslaved to facilitate control and produce work for the good of the State in order to remain dominant. Not my idea of a free society working for the good of the individual. I see two issues needing his immediate attention 1) The growing militarized fascist police state 2) The engineered socioeconomic divide that is created by having central banks who skim value from the working peoples currency manipulating its liquidity and promoting the “boom & bust” cycle that we all know so well.


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The Art of War Explicitly states in order to be a successful leader one must become the example

Ethical behavior is lost in translation throughout society. Powerful individuals will abuse their control for personal gain or in favor of their department or agency. Record any unethical behavior so that we have a record of the abuse of power and to persuade them to change the way they operate through public shame. Accountability comes from open conversations and transparent practices and collaboration from the community.

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