lead by example not by force

Opposition of the status quo and questioning authority along the way.

Approaching your Representatives.

Most of us have no idea how to be heard as constituents and feel our only voice is at the voting booth, but our responsibilities must not stop there. The political process is much more important than to stop at that obligation alone and many issues will arise in between elections.
As voters we need to follow through with our individual oversight of elected officials even if they were not the candidate that we voted into office, otherwise the paid lobbyists will command our elected officials attention.
​How is a representative to know the populous consensus if we are not giving them our opinions on issues that affect our way of life? We are all capable of identifying problems and many of us have great ideas that would include compromise. A complaint or identification of the problem is the first step in determining what is wrong and one step closer to a solution. Now to gain support for your solution you must take the next step by contacting your elected official. The standard method is to write your State House Representative if your issue is local to their district or Senate leaders if it is an issue that may involve the state as a whole. When writing your letter you must consider that we are talking to someone who we want to gain the respect from and who we need to understand our position and how it affects us and our community.
Writing your elected official is the way you should start before asking to meet in person. We can fine tune what we want to say by thinking it through without the nervousness of being on stage and having unlimited time to compose our words so that it is coherent. Compliment them and let him or her know that you understand that they have a tough job to do. Also acknowledge any vote that they may have cast that supports your topic of discussion or that you were also in favor of. Next step is to make your point by highlighting the facts of the issue and how your solution will be in the best interest of not only you but the rest of the population. This will be how you will influence your congress member by creating a benefit to the majority.


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